It is a dream for every Indian to have a roof overhead. However, not all are lucky to turn the dream into reality due to a lack of funds. Again many financial institutions give housing loans, but they turn down the applications of many loan seekers seeking loan against property without ITR. India is an agriculture-based country, and there are very fewer income taxpayers. The general masses may have land and building acquired through legacy, but the economic condition is not that stable to file income tax returns. So what does one do in this type of situation? Never give wings to their dreams? Well, no, it is time to look at many alternative options available these days and build or renovate the dream nest and be happy.

The way out

If you are looking for building your home around Delhi and its periphery, it is best to consult a home loan consultant in Delhi NCR. With the Government of India working hard for homes for everyone by 2022 and many projects coming up in different parts of the country with collaboration with the private industrial partners, the home loan consultants can guide their client to get hassle-free loans.

These experts are aware, which financial institutions give loans on soft terms or what is the process of application. They can guide the dreamer to apply housing loan online from the best financial institutions where not much documentation is needed. They also explain to the clients about the terms and conditions, some of which are often not understood by the common people as they are mostly legal in nature.

These consultants can also suggest the best online portal from where one can check the maximum loan eligibility in lap and help the prospective client to get a fast and hassle-free loan. Even one can compare with many other financial institutions taking the help of the experts and decide on the interest payable, the terms and conditions, the tenure and the quantum of loan to be approved and the time taken to process the loans and proceed accordingly.


With many financial institutions opening up their doors to get housing loans on soft terms, one can quickly get them without any hassles. However, it is best to consult an expert to look into the entire fine -prints and select the most transparent institution. They are the best to give your dreams the wings.