All the countries around the world are battling a war against this invisible beast, named COVID -19. Yet after stepping up efforts and putting all their hard work, dedication and resources into force, even the most powerful and resourceful countries are scrambling to halt the spread of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The only vaccine for this deadly virus which we have found to date is ‘Social Distancing.’ The coronavirus pandemic has compelled a lockdown as we self-isolate. Educational institutes are closed, and many people are working from home. In another way, the world has come on hold; therefore, it’s quite natural to fall into the trap of watching TV or scrolling the internet for hours on end. But, it’s been a few weeks of the lockdown, and we are bound to get bored as the days go by. Household chores, hork-from-home, Netflix, Social Media and even your favourite chat group now seems boring! You must have run out of things to do in this quarantine and therefore for your rescue here is an exciting ‘Lockdown Poetry Competition’ organized by Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions’ Literature Club. If you are bored at home, then grab a pen and paper and get all that boredom, frustration and those feeling out on it. Further make a 2 minute (maximum) video of yourself reciting that piece and send it to DBGI along with your Name, Contact Number, and Email ID through mail at or through Whatsapp – 8755573350. The composition of writing can be anything a couplet, a poem, short story etc. but must be within the time limit and relevant to the theme which is; # CORONA #LOCKDOWN. The entries for the same will be accepted until 26 April 2020. Result of the competition will be announced through the official Facebook Page of DBGI, and the winners will be awarded the winning prize and a digital certificate. So here is an activity which anyone can enjoy doing if you are out of your to-do-list during this quarantine.
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