led post top fixtures is suitable for wet locations a post top luminaire with a small and symmetrical light distribution. It uses energy saving 3030 chips. Designed for lighting car parks, footpaths, pedestrian areas, precincts, parks, gardens and building perimeters.

The post top light fittings luminaires have features such as long life, limited maintenance and constant lifetime performance. Low copper content die-cast aluminium housing with high corrosion resistance. Stainless steel screws. Durable silicone rubber gasket and opal glass diffuser. Housing is treated with a chemical chromatized protection before powder coating, ensuring high corrosion resistance. Integral control gear.

Led post top light fixture get the benefit of 19,200 lumens of natural 4000K light from an efficient, reliable fixture with an IP65 waterproof protection rating. This rounded lens will provide you with the light that you need while still fitting your particular design aesthetic.

Not only will this outdoor post light provide you with the illumination and coverage that you need, it’ll also withstand the elements. With an IP65 waterproof rating and surge protection to defend against power surges and electrical issues, you can rest assured that your new LED post light won’t be going out unexpectedly any time soon.

Replacing 400W metal halides, our 150W post top led bubs can provide you with the same level of natural light while saving you more than half on outdoor energy expenditures. Each post top light fittings also comes equipped with a blue photocell sensor to ensure it only activates when you need the light coverage it provides.