Nirvana Being, a pioneer in innovative products and solutions against indoor and outdoor pollution, today launched the ‘Airific’ mask, effective in combating viruses, bacteria and various particulates in the air.

With Covid 19 calling for advanced protective equipment, Nirvana Being in the duration of a month has deployed Nanotechnology to produce masks which have been N95 and FFP2 certified, with >99% viral and >95% particulate filtration efficiency.

Nanofibres are incredibly small fibres which are thousands of times thinner than a human hair. Due to their massive surface area, large pore numbers and the tiny pore size, they hold a competitive advantage over conventional filters. Each mask filter is estimated to contain over 25km of nanofiber in an area less than 1mm thick.

With Nanotechnology in play, the mask provides the highest filtration and protection combined with the lowest breathing resistance, which makes it comfortable to wear over extended periods of time. With the temperatures rising rapidly, breathability of protective gear is the most important factor in gearing up to step out into shared spaces.

While the nanotech filter is imported, the Airific is the first such mask that is being made sustainably in India using organic materials such as cotton, linen, flax and hemp. Moreover, being durable for a period of 8 weeks in the current AQI condition, the mask can be sterilized and reused daily for stepping out in this environment. Certified in the United States as well as in India, it provides natural filtration from dust, ash, smoke, fumes, exhaust, odours, allergens, bacteria, virus and pathogens.

In light of the current conditions and the need to have the highest protection once India begins to step out post the lockdown, the product has been priced at launch for INR 1,195/-. It is live on the Nirvana Being website and available for deliveries pan India:
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Furthermore, it can also be purchased from their flagship store in Khan Market, Shop No.21, (adjacent to Fabindia), New Delhi, 110003.