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Here we present the best 3 interior architecture tips for you:

1. Gain spaciousness with interior design:

It is common in homes that need reforms that the organization of the space is not the most optimal and adequate. When a reform is carried out, new rooms can be created, unify others, expand them, divide them, etc.

Many times the rooms are dark, there is an excess of partitions and walls creating dead spaces without any use or function that turns the home into a cave. Therefore, gaining breadth is essential.

2. Optimize every corner of the house:

Each house is a world and each room design is unique, but in all of them, it is necessary to organize the space well to get the most out of it. A good design, as far as the interior architecture is concerned, will help you make better use of your home or property and revalue it.

Interior architecture has its resources to optimize space. For example, when we lack square meters for each thing to have a specific use, you can create multifunctional areas of the home to get the most out of the home.

3. Use suitable coatings:

The coatings, in addition to being important for the insulation and thermal state of the house, are the final touch that largely defines the style and character of your home. For this reason, coatings in interior architecture are a fundamental part.

At i13, we use or combine tiles with wall paint or how, in other cases, we use hydraulic or similar coatings with their characteristic patterns.

Another option is ceramic tiles with a more organic surface that mimics wood. There are a multitude of finishes and ceramic and porcelain tiles that will give one character or another to your home. They are a crucial element for your home, especially the bathrooms and the kitchen, to have one style or another. So, it is advisable to take your time to choose them by seeing and studying alternatives that can be adjusted to your needs, budget and, of course, to your liking.

Organizing house plans are an art and a lot of work. So there are disciplines and professional branches that deal with it. You can’t do everything by yourself, that’s what our expert interior designers are in interior architecture.