Who is a full stack developer?
A full stack developer is one who has skills of back-end, front-end and mobile development. They are in massive demand from companies because they work in diverse web development projects and can use their skills and expertise with both front-end and back-end language. Furthermore, they also are skilled in software testing tools. A full stack developer course gives one the appropriate skills and languages.

What are the advantages of a full stack developer?

A full stack developer plays a significant role in several IT and development companies. Let’s take a look at the advantages of a full stack developer. They are:

1. They can carry out several tasks
A full stack developer has in-depth knowledge of how different stages of the software development projects must be carried out. In addition to that, they possess several skills such as front-end,back-end, QA testing code architecture and UI/UX design. . Therefore, they have diverse skills to work on different projects. They could learn it in a full stack developer course.


2. Preferable for Small Budget Projects
When a company hires a full stack developer, they are able to cut their costs on development projects. The reason being that, such developers can work on various processes. Therefore, the cost of each project is minimized.

3. Adaptability
A full stack developer is usually well-versed with the front-end and back-end technologies. That means that they can work on client-side and server-side when required. Therefore, they are adaptable and can switch to projects on either side whenever it is required. A full stack developer course gives one the hands- on experience to work on real projects.
A full stack developer may be able to work on various projects. However, they have some disadvantage too.

Disadvantages of being a full stack developer

– Under productivity and time management
The first disadvantage is that if a company relies on just one or two full-stack developers, it may lead to several tasks piling up over a certain period of time. Therefore, It could also lead to unproductivity and bad time management.

– Not able to keep up with the trends
– A full stack developer generally works across different processes, fields and skills. Therefore, it is a challenge for them to keep up-to date with the latest development trends, tools and technologies.

– Confusion about their responsibilities

– In full stack development team, a developer tends to take too much workload. As a result, they forget to divide their workload into smaller tasks. Therefore, they tend to get confused about their responsibilities in a certain project.

To summarize, a full stack developer can carry out various responsibilities. However, they have their own pros and cons. One can just enroll in a full stack developer course to know how they can use their skills efficiently to build a project from scratch.