Monitoring of environmental parameters is a crucial task for many businesses which depends on environmental conditions. They need the best-in-quality sensors to get the accurate readings to keep a tab on every single change. In recent times, there are many renowned brands have started offering latest and feature-rich sensors to measure and monitor environmental metrics. UbiBot is one of the leading brands that offer a variety of high-quality sensors for businesses from different verticals. Businesses like agriculture, IT, cold chain, warehouse, pharmaceuticals, horticulture, etc. are getting huge benefits from these devices.

For agriculture and horticulture business, Soil Temperature Probe is a great device that offers you soil conditions on the app. The probe monitors the temperature and humidity of the soil efficiently and gives the outcomes in a moment of time. It is embedded with the industrial-grade chip so the measurements are highly accurate and precise. The stainless steel probe can be inserted in the soil for a long time without being corroded. There are two versions of the plug is available one is Micro USB and other is Audio Plug. Micro USB is designed for WS1 Pro device and Audio Plug is for the GS1 device.

Measuring and monitoring temperature in extreme conditions need a robust and water-proof device that won’t rust easily. Waterproof DS18B20 Temperature Probe is one such device available at UbiBot Store which can be used in an extremely hot or cold environment. It superbly works with all the IoT devices of UbiBot. This waterproof external probe can be used in liquid and outdoor. The probe is made up of high-quality stainless steel. One of the most demanding products to protect the devices from rain, dust, or spray is WS1 Water Resistant Case. The case can withstand harsh conditions and safeguards your device. This is simple to install and use. It is designed to work with an external temperature probe.

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