Industrial sectors dealing with liquid products have always had to suffer from various problems. Filling the bottles or containers manually not only can result in wastage of products but production also takes a lot of time. With the introduction of automatic filling and capping machines, the problems are gone now. TELM specialises in manufacturing and supplying the perfect machine you need for your company.

Products offered by TELM

Rotary machines
Rotary machines produced by TELM are automatic filling and capping machines specially made for glass jars and plastic containers. If you want a sturdy, compact and long-lasting machine with reduced manual intervention, then these are the machines for you. Due to their robustness, compact structure and small dimensions, they are used in:

  1. Food sector: Jams, sauces, toppings, mayonnaise, ketchup, dressing and chocolate creams.
  2. Chemical sector: Detergents, paints, colours, pastes and sanitizers.
  3. Cosmetic sector: Shampoos, lotions, hair gels, detergents and dose creams.

Linear machines
TELM Linear machines are being designed and manufactured for more than thirty years. These machines are suitable for filling liquid and dense products in stable containers like jars and bottles, as well as large containers like cans and buckets. TELM uses AISI316 stainless steel to manufacture these machines. So, you can use them in different fields.

Semiautomatic filling machines
TELM automatic filling machines are characterised by their precision, versatility, ease of use and reliability. Volumetric piston filters made of AISI316 stainless steel are used in these machines. It allows not only dosing liquid and dense products accurately but also hot and with suspended pieces into glass and plastic bottles. Different models of these piston fillers can fill from 1ml to 5600mm. You can adjust the filling volume manually.

Semiautomatic capping machines
TELM capping machines are perfect for pre-threaded plastic caps, press-on caps and twist-off caps. Like other products, the capping machines are also made of stainless steel entirely. These machines operate with a 6bar pressure. The company has the capping machines fitted with a practical double-switch drive. The capping heads of TELM semiautomatic capping machines are interchangeable.

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About TELM
Founded in 1972, TELM worked with materials like stainless steel and aluminium in the beginning. Soon, it started designing volumetric dosers for automatic and semi-automatic filling machines. The company manufactures custom-made machines that are used in various sectors such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, herbal and cosmetic. With the knowledge about metals with complex geometrics obtained from five decades of experience, TELM is able to offer suitable structures and components for each machine.