Daily use of the mask, wear it all the time and do not feel anything.
However, when you put the used mask under the microscope, you will find:
The flannelette of the used mask is full of yellow impurities and hairs.
Always wash your hands when you take them off
Wash hands before wearing or when removing the mask.In order to avoid hand bacteria and viruses on the mask.

Do not touch the outside of the mask when you take it off
In general, it is best not to touch the outside of the mask with your hands.
Because novel coronavirus is still mainly spread by droplets and contact.When taking off the mask, the hand touched the outside of the mask, it is likely to touch the hand, and then if you do not wash your hands, the virus is easy to touch the mouth, nose, eyes and so on to enter the body.
Academician zhong nanshan also demonstrated how to remove a mask and stressed that when removing a mask, one should not touch the outside surface of the mask with one’s hand.
Make sure there is no gap between the mask and the face
The gap between the mask and the face will seriously reduce the filtering effect of the mask.If the mask is not sealed when wearing, not fitting, it is easy to let the outside of the bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms into the mask and cheek, thus into the human respiratory tract.
In an experiment on MBS, a Japanese television station, a woman was asked to wear a mask and not fit into its nose clip.
As a result, doctors used special equipment to measure the harmful substances in the air on the outside of the mask, and the leakage rate of harmful substances reached 100%.Wearing is equivalent to wearing in vain.
Store carefully

Immediately after removing the mask, dispose of it in a closed trash can and wash hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.