Pittsburgh, PA, 22 April 2020 – Admoveo Solutions, LLC, Pittsburgh is a reputed time management firm which manufactures world class clocks and buzzer systems for an array of applications including schools, hospitals, manufacturing units, warehouses and cityscape. The company also makes state-of-art break bell system which alert workforce of coffee or lunch breaks and enforces discipline among the ranks. The alert system is automated and is aided by software which activates the buzzer by playing chimes, music or tune and is ideal break buzzer for the above mentioned establishments. The system brings in several advantages to the employers including timely breaks, no unnecessary wastage of time, and elimination of human involvement. The software aided break buzzer system can store break schedules for months and activate buzzers according to the time mentioned in the schedule.

Huge range of clocks for different applications

Installing the system at your factory unit will save you time, money and bother and you will have an automated system which will never fail to announce a break. Admoveo also manufactures a bevy of clocks that include wall clocks, pole clocks, façade clocks, canister clocks and critical monitoring counter clocks for hospitals. All these clocks are made with the latest technology that also integrates IP based operation that enable to perform versatile functions within the hospital periphery.

You could order wired clocks, Ethernet or PoE clocks or Wi-Fi clocks for your hospital institution that you can use in the corridors, hospital rooms, emergency wards, ICU, operation theatre and many other places. You can expect the clocks to provide accurate and uniform time throughout the hospital campus as they will be supplied with network time.

You can have central control of the clocks by installing the master clock system or connect the system with your desktop computer. The hospital clocks can be two or four faced to cover all directions in a corridor or juncture and they are maintenance free and need no human hands to synchronize time. To see more of their time technology products visit website https://www.admoveosolutions.com. visit the gallery pages to make informed choice and you can get in touch with a representative through phone number (800) 964-5749 or communicate through info@admoveosolutions.com and obtain detailed information.
Admoveo Solutions LLC based in Pittsburgh, PA and Atlanta, GA is time Management Company which manufacture and supplies a range of indoor and outdoor clocks for buildings and streets.

Phone: (800) 964-5749
Website: https://www.admoveosolutions.com/