Professional side channel blowers from SKVTechnik ( can be used to increase pressure as well as suction during the process of generating biogas.

Corresponding ATEX versions of the side channel blowers are of course necessary. Customers use the knowledge and experience of various SKVTechnik system installations.

Background information for the fermentation process in biogas production:

In the so-called methane fermenter (see figure), the decomposition of the organic substance creates methane. The fermenter is airtight, insulated and can be heated. The gas mixture taken from the fermenter must be processed. To transport the gas mixture, pressure is required, which is usually generated by side channel compressors. For this purpose, gas is extracted from an airtight fermenter with its own pressure and compressed, or gas is pressed or sucked in an air-tight fermenter. The necessary pressure is generated by an ATEX approved side channel compressor. The heating of the fermenter / bioreactor serves to compensate for the temperature differences between day and night and the seasonal differences in temperatures.

The user finds another area of application for the side channel blower on the biogas plant to support the combustion of the gas mixture to generate electricity. The gases to be burned are mixed / enriched with atmospheric oxygen during the combustion process. The higher proportion of oxygen leads to significantly higher combustion temperatures and thus to higher efficiency.
On the attached picture, readers can see the basic arrangement of a side channel blower for the fermentation of biomass. The methane gas is transported out of the fermenter by the pressure of the side channel compressor (sucking or blowing).

SKVTechnik ( has been dealing professionally with side channel blowers from various manufacturers since 2012. The advantage for customers is that no time-consuming search for the specific compressor is necessary on the market, but that specific parameters for the side channel compressors can be searched for. This now also applies to the search for ATEX certified side channel blowers in the adapted online shop. The high purchase prices that customers have when purchasing directly from the manufacturer are compensated for at SKVTechnik by large quantities that are realized over the term. This is how customers save when shopping.

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