Led Post Top Retrofit Light have a variety reproduction lighting styles, decorative styles and architectural forms. Outdoor post top lights are used for decorative or to repclace traditional MH or HID lamps. These LED Post Top Area Lights are used for street lighting, parking lot lighting,Garden lighting ,Yard lighting,area lighting, walkway lighting,commercial lighting. It is Dark sky and perfect to applied in residential areas.
Modern LED Post Top Light Fixtures styles are suitable for a variety of street views. Advanced LED optics provide improved horizontal and vertical uniformity, reduced glare and improved lighting control.
LED Post Top lamps are available in a variety of colors, sizes and decorative lighting wherever you need them. The post top circular design features are popular for park and road applications. The top of the “Globe” and “Architectural” designs are ideal for more modern lighting applications where lighting needs to match the look of the building. All of these luminaires provide the same light output as most typical HID column top luminaires, while energy costs are only a fraction of that! By switching to LEDs, customers save up to 80% energy!
Post Top Lighting is a term used to describe outdoor lighting, usually mounted on poles, in roads, passageways, parking lots, street,yard,and commercial and educational parks. Decorative post tops are typically used to illuminate pedestrian and vehicle use and safety areas. The most common attribute is that the fixtures are mounted vertically on poles from 3m to 15m tall. It is not uncommon to install multiple luminaires on a single pole, and the specific installation methods can vary greatly.