If someone has told you to hire a Motor yacht charter in Greece and if you are wondering why should you hire, read the following post.

Rent motor yacht as it will give you more room to relax, sunbathe, party and enjoy the panoramic view. Also, access to the boat is easier – a real advantage for families.

Choose a Mykonos yacht charter rental without a skipper and sail on the water, a regular and constant wind. If you don’t have a lot of sailing experience, choose a rental with a skipper to have more free time while boating.

The skipper will ensure the Nautical maps Greece and navigations in the winds that blow in the afternoon. Also, he will show you the isolated places and he will suggest interesting activities, such as water sports or more unusual activities, such as donkey trekking.

Motor boat charter in Greece:

With a powerful, comfortable and spacious Luxury yacht charter, you will be able to navigate quickly from island to island in the most popular Greek sailing areas: the Ionian Islands, the Cyclades Islands, the Dodecanese Islands, the Sporades Islands, and the Islands Argo-Saronic.

By opting for a rental without a skipper, your holidays will be more intimate. If, on the other hand, you want a true luxury experience, opt for a rental with a skipper.

Beyond the only navigation, your skipper will be able to tell you more about this country which was at the origin of the Olympic Games, and about the very diversified underwater life – turtles, seals and the Greek dolphin which is a symbol of peace and prosperity. Enjoy over 1,400 beaches with crystal clear waters.

Schooner rental in Greece:

The schooners are spacious and luxurious Sailing yacht charter boats, ideal for cruising holidays. Reserve your schooner and take advantage of an all-inclusive offer, with a whole crew at your disposal: a skipper, a sailor, a cook and a hostess/waitress.

The only thing left to do is define the level of service you want. The crew will take care of everything else. Onboard these charming cruise ships you will embark on a journey into the history of ancient Greece.

In this country with the largest number of archaeological museums in the world. Long sunny days and an idyllic climate will allow you to make the most of everything Greece has to offer: swimming, sunbathing, cycling, discovering ancient and modern architecture and tasting Greek specialties such as Greek salad, yogurt, and moussaka.