If you are looking for options to heat the water in your pool as quickly as possible, a two-stage home furnace is for you.

Ameristar gas furnace boilers or heaters are very common water heating devices. Chances are, you have one at home to heat your everyday water. In this post, we will share everything you need to know about the use of gas boilers for swimming pools.

What is a gas boiler and how does it work?

Gas boilers are, as the name implies, heaters that work thanks to propane or natural gas to heat a pool.

Advantages of using a gas boiler:

Goodman home furnace offers great performance due to the constant supply of heat to the pool water.

– It is the fastest method to heat water. So if you have a spa, you can heat it almost immediately, while for the large volume of a pool, less than 48 hours will suffice.

– They have a control panel where you can program what temperature you want.

– Ideal for specific periods, such as keeping the water warm for a weekend, the Easter season, etc.

– The operation of a quality gas boiler is safe since it has the necessary pipes so that the combustion air is properly disposed of.

– The best option for aquatic complexes that they need to have hot water throughout the year.

– A great offer of models and capacities.

Types of pool cleaners:

There are currently several types of pool cleaner on the market.

– Pressure pool bottom cleaner: They work due to the pressure of the water that comes from the pool pump, if it is not very powerful it is likely that you need a second pump for the cleaner, they move thanks to the pressure and the wheels they have.

– Suction Pool Bottom Cleaner: These are hydraulic pool cleaners that connect directly to one of the suction inlets. All the dirt from the pool is sucked directly through the filter of the pool since it does not count on its filtration system. This type of cleaner is usually the cheapest, due to its cleaning system, more chemical must be used in the long run with this type of cleaner.

– Pool cleaner robots: The electric pool cleaners like maytronics robotic pool cleaner are automatic robots independent of the pool’s filtration system, they move thanks to their motors and you only have to worry about them once they have finished the cleaning cycle since you must remove them.

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