Indian Institute of Finance hosted the 5th IIF Webinar series on “Essence of Life and Growth” by Dr.GP. Rao, Founder, GPR HR Consulting LLP, INDIA, Former Chief HR, Recron Malaysia; SAIL, JK Group, Birlas & Reliance Group and is Assistant Governor, Rotary International (Distt. 3011). The Webinar was moderated by Prof. Aman Agarwal Professor of Finance & Dean (IR) Indian Institute of Finance ( and Executive Editor, Finance India ( The Webinar was attended by over 48 global participants from USA, Japan, UAE, Malaysia, Spain, India and others.

Dr Rao set the tune of the walk the talk with the outliners being Purpose, Positivity and Passion for essence of life along with practice and creative learning being important for growth. As a human being, its one’s choice how we take the situation either positive or negative. We all have the resilience to bounce back and to convert the challenges into opportunities feels Dr. Rao. Life is about meaning. Whatever one has that money can’t buy, is one’s actual Wealth. Success is the meaningfulness of your efforts. According to him, for livelihood one needs money and for life one needs happiness and satisfaction. Success in life is to reach the meaningfulness of efforts to induce growth with happy living.

Dr. Rao has been a practitioner and a teacher building human capital for over 40 years. He has had the pleasure to address various forums at IIMs, IIF and various Universities worldwide. His message to the students is that they must focus on conceptual application, adaptability and creative learning. Dr. Rao said that Youth in jobs should be fast learners, accountable and responsible towards their work. Entrepreneurs on the other hand should not look at the dead end on the road instead they should focus on the bends and the life beyond.

He feels that the organisation would have to focus on the core values and embrace continuous learning by integrating the problem of plenty with the needs and aspirations of themselves, the organisation, the country and the world at large. The managers and leaders have to think as to what should be the motivational factor for the employee now in an enabling climate. We are now spiritualising our strength by practicing social distancing or Swatch Bharat practices. We must not ignore the importance of elderly and their teachings as core principal values in any economic system as Growth is the evidence of Life. One must invest in oneself to induce growth and happy living. Difficult times help us learn and re-learn the essence of life and whats important to have sustainable growth and wellbeing.

Large number of Questions were asked by Prof. Dr. Junzo Watada (Japan & Malaysia); Dr. Mukesh Jain (Delhi, India); Prof. Dr. Yamini Agarwal (IIFBS, Greater Noida, India) ; Mr. Harbhajan Singh (Delhi, India), Dr. Manoj Agrawal (Mumbai, India); Mr. Uday Kr. Nakka (Calcutta, India), Dr. Madhu Bala (Ghaziabad, India) and many others.

Indian Institute of Finance has initiated the interactive IIF Webinar Series on “Essence of Life and Growth” with the prime objective to bring forth positivity of life based on the life experiences one has gained over 3-4 decades of personal life experiences, professional life, the nation, the economy and the world at large, having seen different colours of life based on ups and downs one has witnessed.