Gas pool heaters will always be the most effective in generating heat in your pool. They are strong enough to be used in the colder winter months regardless of location. They will heat your pool faster than any of the other alternatives.

However, this comes at an additional cost. Natural gas or Hayward propane pool heater will be used constantly when the water is heating, and they need special facilities so that the gas passes safely.

While propane uses a tank that must be refilled frequently if it is used a lot. If you have natural gas in your home, this option is more recommended than propane. However, the electric pool heater is also in high demand today.

Pool gas heaters are:

– Faster to heat water to high temperatures.

– Available in both natural gas and propane.

– Highly more expensive.

Heat pumps:

Depending on the costs of utilities in your area, a heat pump will generally be a less expensive way to heat your water. However, heat pumps do not work in all climates.

When temperatures drop below 8 degrees C, heat pumps can no longer convert heat from the outside air and transfer it to pool water. If you want to extend your swimming time until fall or start in spring, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you want to swim in the winter, this is a deciding factor. In this scenario, the Hayward Millivolt pool heater is the best solution.

Pool heat pumps are:

– Good for maintaining a temperature rise in a short time.

– Slower than gas coolers to reach a high temperature.

– Poor if your pool is below 8 ° C.

Solar pool water heater:

Solar air conditioners heat the water slowly and require more ideal conditions to be effective. IF you live in a cloudy or rainy climate, it is probably not very beneficial for you to have a solar pool heater.

However, if you live in a hot climate and are convinced to increase the water temperature by a small amount, a solar cooler is the ideal solution at a low cost, and without using public services.

Important note about pool heaters:

It is important to note that neither solar air conditioners nor heat pumps are close to generating the same heat as a gas pool air conditioner.

Don’t expect to be able to heat your pool water in a short time with them. Heat pumps and solar heaters can take days to generate a large temperature change in the water, and cannot be used in the winter months.

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