Norman, Oklahoma- April 17, 2020- Being an essential worker or company throughout the Coronavirus pandemic is riddled with challenges. For those in the plumbing industry, like Legacy 4 Plumbing, Inc, keeping employees and customers safe has become a huge priority. The Norman, OK plumbing company has taken extra measures to ensure they are practicing caution during this time to slow the transmission of COVID-19.

One of the first safeguards, Legacy 4 Plumbing, Inc, has implemented into their daily routine, is arriving at customers’ properties in proper PPE. This includes a covering of their work attire, along with wearing face masks or shields.

The news has made it clear that staying six feet apart is almost mandatory to prevent the possibility of spreading the Coronavirus. Because of that, plumbers are being more vigilant to maintain distance throughout their service calls, in addition to wearing the appropriate PPE for their and their customer’s safety.

Along with making sure each employee has adequate PPE for each service call they attend, the company will also be screening both employees and customers for potential infection of COVID-19. Employees will have their temperature taken daily and asked if they have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive. Those that are displaying symptoms won’t be able to work and will need to wait until testing has come back, or they have been symptom-free for over 14 days.

Screening customers is also another significant way to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. When someone calls in for plumbing services, they will be asked if they are showing signs, have a fever, or if they have been in contact with anyone that tested positive. If the customer answers yes, the services may be rescheduled.

Legacy 4 Plumbing was founded by Jade Kirkland, a retired United States Marine veteran. One of the main focuses of the company is providing exemplary customer service. Throughout this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Legacy 4 Plumbing is further committed to exceptional service and providing customers’ with a safe way to get the plumbing services they need without worry.

Mr. Kirkland had this to say about customer service, “Every customer we work with is treated to the highest level of service. You will always receive the personal attention, quality solutions, and honest advice you deserve.” During this difficult time, their team will do everything possible to prevent transmitting the virus, and ensure the highest level of safety possible.

While most plumbing maintenance calls are suspended currently, plumbing emergencies continue to happen. Legacy 4 Plumbing is available 24-7 to handle these calls and ensure their customer’s plumbing is always functioning as it should. They do warn, though, that while there might be a toilet paper shortage, don’t resort to using unsuitable materials and flushing down the drain. This can cause massive clogs in the sewer or septic systems.

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