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Bali continues to be one of the widely preferred holiday destinations. Next only to Paris and London, Bali has been hailed as truly the jewel of the East. 


Bali is one of the global favourites when it comes to vacation destinations. With more and more customers going for Bali holiday packages, the Bali fad is not likely to peter out anytime soon. If you are a first-timer to this auspicious vacation haunt, you could use the following suggestions. 

1. Enjoy the Sunset at Uluwatu Temple 

Nothing could be more enriching than the smooth blend of nature and divinity. The temple, one of the tourist hotspots, is located on the edge of a cliff from where devotees can take an absorbing look at the sun closing down into the satin-surfaced, rippling sea. It is an experience of a lifetime. 

2. Balinese Cooking Lessons in Ubud 

Did you know that Balinese food is an eclectic mix of different influences and cultural labels? If not, this is your splendid chance to take your life’s first cooking lessons in Ubud. 

Start by exploring the local market and come across a staggering range of spices and flavours. Enjoy both cooking and feasting and make the most of your Bali holiday packages

3. Visit and Drop a Sweat in Bali’s Rice Fields

You can jazz it up with the local farmers by lending them a helping hand. The sprawling rice fields are a significant aspect of Balinese culture. It is an excellent scope to serve Dewi Sri, the rice goddess.


It is said that true travel is one which enables unflinching intimacy with the culture of the land. If you are a Bali beginner, you can easily do so by considering the points mentioned above.