Machine vibrations can result from any sort of condition that might act alone or in a combination.

Keep in mind that any vibration problems are not natural and are caused by the auxiliary equipment. There are various reasons as to why vibrations occur, and these are primarily caused due to imbalance, misalignment, wear and tear, and looseness of certain parts of the machine.
The effects of bearing vibration can be very severe. If any sort of vibration goes unchecked, you can accelerate the rates of wear and cause damage to the machine. Any kind of vibration also results in noise, safety problems and leads to a degradation in the plant’s working conditions. Not only this, but vibration can cause machinery to consume more power and cause damage to the product as well.
Although there are negative aspects related to machine vibration, there are many positive aspects to it as well. If the vibration is measured and analyzed correctly, you can catch problems in your equipment before they start. Also, vibration can be used in a preventive maintenance program as an indicator of the machine’s condition as well.

The characteristics of vibration
One of the most significant critical factors of vibration is the direction of the vibrating force. Such fluctuations can occur as a force applied in a radial direction. This action creates a centrifugal force and causes vibration in an axial direction due to the misalignment in a shaft coupling device.
Another critical factor of vibration is amplitude. The higher the amplitude, the farther out the problem is from the balance of the motor. Other important factors, like the speed of rotation, can also result in amplitude vibration. As the speed of the rotation goes up, it causes an imbalance force, which, over time, increases significantly.
These types of vibrations can hamper the productivity of the machine and the process as a whole. However, you cannot forget that vibration is a crucial factor of all the industrial machines, and it is a type of signature as well.

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