DocsApp, the 24/7 digital healthcare platform, has launched a Coronavirus Risk Assessment Tool to help individuals assess the level of possibility of them being affected. This innovative tool, based on simple inter-active questions, generates a risk score based on an individual’s symptoms. This will go a long way in bringing down an individual’s anxiety level, remove uncertainty and decrease the overall paranoia in the society at large. The fact that a person can have information about their level of risk and the possibility of being affected without stepping out of the house is not just convenient but also ensures the safety and social distancing. This tool will also go a long way in spreading appropriate awareness and battling ignorance associated with this pandemic.

Mr. Satish Kannan, Co-Founder & CEO DocsApp said, “With the current scenario, we as a pioneer in online doctor consultation, felt it was our responsibility to empower everyone to stay ahead of the curve in terms of understanding their potential risk as well as providing authentic and validated information. Hence, Coronavirus Risk Scan Tool which is an easy and important first step for an individual to know the risk she or he is exposed to which in turn will allow a decision on appropriate next steps to be made.”

To avail the facility, users need to click on the following link and answer a set of questions to generate their respective risk scores.