“InstantHedge’s Green Mountain Boxwood Hedge has been chosen as the best evergreen hedge for backyard gardening. Scientifically known as Buxus X. Green Mountain is an evergreen hedge widely used in the USA. An interesting thing about buxus hedge is that it is evergreen year round in most climates. Boxwood hedge is a perfect hedge choice for creating boundaries on the entrance. Also, it is a perfect choice for backyard hedging.

Some features which made green mountain boxwood hedge win-

1. Upright and naturally conical habit makes Box Hedge an appealing hedge
2. Its small leaves make it perfect for shorter hedge rows
3. Naturally deer resistant hedge
4. The hedge leaves remains resilient to seasons and stays vibrant bright green throughout the year
5. The hedge can naturally stay healthy
6. Can be shaped into any shape.

Other features of Boxwood Hedge

1. Thrives in partial shade to full sun
2. Can grow moderately
3. Can grow upto 5′ height and 3′ width
4. The hedge is easy to manicure and prune
5. Works well in enriched slightly acidic and well drained soil