Aloha Technology live in an age of user-centeredness, which means that user experience is key to the success of virtually any software product. Whether the user is a client, customer, employee or associate, their input is essential to the development of meaningful and useful software features.

User experience has become the most critical factor for businesses to survive in the market. Depriving or saturating your product with features can affect users loyalty towards the brand. Aloha Technology the relevance between for minimum viable features and needs of the the end users through the UI, UX Design Services.

The best way to strike a balance between too many features and not enough is to audit your development pipeline, and especially, to close gaps in communication where they affect workflow the most. Consider the following methods:

Component-Based Development (CBD)

This is a software engineering method that divides systems into their independent components. This approach makes releases easier to maintain and roll out. And with stable interfaces between components, deployment cycles are simplified as releases aren’t necessarily synchronized.


This approach to the software development cycle is team-based and emphasizes customer and developer interaction in order to solve problems effectively. It is largely a response to the more traditional “waterfall” method, which is much more linear and not as dynamic when it comes to releasing and improving the software.


Whereas Agile development bridges the gap between customer and developer, DevOps does so between the developer and IT operations. The purpose of this is to minimize manual processes and to automate building, testing and releasing as much as possible in order to meet customer/client needs in a swift manner.

About Aloha Technology

Aloha Technology enables enterprises all over the world to develop a competitive advantage by making their current operations efficient & cost effective. With over 12 years of experience and 3 development centers in India, Aloha Technology is a leading provider of Information Technology Services. We have transformed from an offshore development company to an offshore R&D investment destination for leading ISVs across the world.

Leading ISVs look at us as a strategic R&D outsourcing and end to end product development choice. We have been retained by companies which are leading innovators in their domains. We achieve this by sharing their product vision right from the competitive pressures they face, to creating new products or adding new features to existing ones and bringing them to market faster.