To have productive employees, you may need to reconsider the current design of your employees’ workspace. In business, increased productivity can lead to increased profit. For this to occur, a company has to address its current needs. Businesses are becoming complex in terms of their functions and operations. A well-designed business leads to better efficiency.

If you are searching for the best office space design in New York, you need to familiarize yourself with the work of Sergio Mannino Studio. We have already helped many high-profile and local brands make the most out of their office design. As we plan for 2020 and beyond, these trends will spell success for companies who cash in on them!

Multi-functional Workspaces: The next generation of employees wants a workspace that allows them to multitask. This requires inclusion and multi-functional design. This type of design incorporates moveable, multi-functional, lightweight, and ergonomic elements to make working easier instead of harder.

Wood is Making a Comeback: Corporations are starting to care more about the environment. One such way to make an office space sustainable is by including woodwork and natural accents and details. Wood can be used to design just about anything these days. Using wood adds a sense of tranquility to workspaces.

Professionals in a Remote World: We live in a digital world. As many as 70% of today’s workforce does their job remotely at least one day per week. Around 53% works remotely at least of the week. This implies that companies need to re-think, re-create and re-design their office spaces to meet the ever-changing needs of their employees.

To make company spaces more comfortable for employees, some office spaces have bars, restaurants, beer fridges, fireplaces, ergonomic furniture, game rooms, rock walls, and fitness areas, complete with showers and spas.

The modern office truly caters to its worker, hoping to make them into little workaholics. Does your office look outdated? Ready to focus on form and function? Contact a well-known office interior designer in New York, Sergio Mannino.

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