Vacuum is directed to a squeegee, which is the connection between the goods to be transported and the lifting tool.

In order to ensure that the workpiece to be lifted is securely held on the squeegee, the exact determination of the side channel blower required is extremely important.

When designing side channel blowers for vacuum lifting tools, certain properties of the material to be lifted must be given special attention. On the one hand the size of the material in relation to the weight has to be considered and on the other hand the air permeability of the material to be lifted is of crucial importance for the design of the side channel blower.

A connection of the suction line of the side channel blower with a correspondingly flexible suction line is necessary to implement the lifting device using a suction foot. The size and design of the squeegee depends on the material to be transported or suctioned. If the respective material is very permeable to air or, on the other hand, is heavy in relation to its volume, the squeegee must be shaped or designed differently. The colleagues at SKVTechnik ( can assist customers with the design of the suction foot and the design of the side channel blower. Even in times of the Corona crisis, the colleagues at SKVTechnik ( are happy to serve both existing customers and new customers.

Vacuum lifting tools are devices that enable people to pick up large loads, transport them over certain distances and then set them down at their destination. The load can also be turned into various positions by the lifting system and then processed. The transport and positioning must be carried out without effort and without complex technology.
The function of the lifting unit and the jib crane is operated by a control unit that the operator can easily operate. Lifting, lowering, swiveling, extending are the three directions of movement that the operator controls. The operator must also control suction and release from the load.
The advantage is obvious: it makes work easier for the operator. Permanent loads and one-sided loads are avoided. Overloading of employees is impossible. Much larger loads can be moved. The safety aspect for in-house transport is another point.
Which side channel blowers are suitable for this type of vacuum hose lifting system?
A common compressor for vacuum hose systems is the S3-1-210 in its various motor configurations. Engine equipment are side channel blowers with 1.1 kW motor, 1.5 kW motor and 2.2 kW motor with machine weights between 22 and 25 kg. It delivers between 170 mbar to 220 mbar negative pressure in 50 cardiac operation. In 60 Herz operation, customers can also operate this compressor and have a negative pressure of 150 mbar to 260 mbar there. The volume capacity for 50 hearts is 210 m³ per hour or 3.5 m³ per minute and for 60 hearts the volume capacity is 255 m³ per hour or 4.25 m³ per minute.
This side channel blower is widespread on the European market and can be delivered on request within 4 days. SKVTechnik ( customers buy this compressor with the special advantages of wholesale. SKVTechnik passes on almost 100% of its purchasing advantages over its one-off buyer to its customers. This means that customers have advantages in purchasing that also benefit resellers who buy from SKVTechnik.
If customers need help with the order, then an inquiry can also be sent to SKVTechnik by email. All SKVTechnik websites or shops have a corresponding link. An offer will usually be available within 4-6 hours. Questions will be asked immediately. The offer is made with an indication of the approximate delivery time and the concrete prices including delivery costs.

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