Fun Villas in Pangot and Nainital launches adventure games for family gatherings, corporate outings, and many others.

Fun Villas, a premium healing center and camp village in Pangot, India, upgrades its services and facilities by launching new adventure games in Pangot. The adventure games focus on the way to achieve a healthier and happier life. Experts explained that outdoor activities improve health conditions better. At the same time, a positive feeling boosts the impact. As a result, someone will have a stronger immune system, healthier, and happier after doing outdoor activities.

The manager of Fun Villas stated, “We try to create fun outdoor activities. The goal of those adventure games is to make people happy and healthy. They can try to walk through the beautiful landscape, jogging, trekking and many more. It can be challenging too.” The company also wants to show that there are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Nainital, India. People can play great adventure games in Nainital while exploring and enjoying the fantastic view. The manager of Fun Villas stated, “People can’t only play volleyball or badminton but they can also enjoy the view. The location is also the habitat of over 250 species of birds. We try to keep people as closely as possible with nature. We also want to introduce beautiful places to visit in Pangot. We want to let people know that India is also a great holiday destination.”

Dealing with the visions and missions, Fun Villas develops adventure resort in Pangot and other potential areas in India. Resort and camp are two potential industries because Pangot and Nainital have wonderful scenery. The adventure resort in Nainital tries to introduce people to the wildlife, flora, fauna, and different varieties of birds. The manager of Fun Villas described, “This villa is ideal for a large family gathering, corporate outings, adventure activities, and jungle camping. Even people can come if they want to get healing treatment and peaceful living. They just have to choose to take the adventure camp in Nainital or adventure camp in Pangot. We offer Yoga for anyone who needs to heal, relax, or rejuvenate to achieve a peaceful mind before going back to their daily activities.”

It is not only a service that focuses on profit but also gives more benefits to people who visit Nainital or Pangot, India. The service also hopes that they can be one of the leading services in India that help to introduce the beauty of India through the programs, services, packages and facilities they have.

Fun Adventures Activities are:

– Zip Line / Flying Fox 200 Feet

– Burma Bridge 200 Feet

– Jungle off-road riding

– Commando Net

– Sky Tunnel

– Cricket

– Jungle Treasure Hunt

– Blindfold Games

– Tug of the War

– War Escape

– Jungle Trekking

– Camping & Bonfire

About Fun Villas:

Fun Villas is a big property at Churani near Pangot and Nainital in India. The main focus is to serve people with great outdoor activities and games. The services are suitable for gathering, corporate outings and many more.

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