Jameson C. Montgomery is an Author of Children’s literature, Blogger, and Fashion Designer. He runs the Jaye Wellness YouTube channel where he provides tips, facts, and fun to the world of wellness. He currently works in his Wellness Studio filming great informational content the whole family will enjoy. 

His motivation is to speak for the audience of those who may not be able to speak for themselves. He enjoys impacting the lives of others through education, comedy, and motivation. His love for God instills him with the purpose to serve. 

As humanity continues to suffer from Covid-19 with its devastating effects been felt the world over, Jameson has decided to exemplify all he stands for by compiling footages of many physicians around the world to show the public that victory is in the future for those out there who are worried and weary. Jameson believes It is important to have faith, and professing victory before it becomes reality is faith!

Jameson is a complete family man who enjoys life with his wife and son. Becoming a parent inspired him to focus primarily on the lives of children who may not have been granted with resources as he or his child have been. This inspired him to create Jay Monty’s Books, highlighting all the efforts to those parents and children out there who are searching for that helping-hand. Jay Monty’s Books continues to grow by providing books, parenting advice, and kids fashion apparel. 

One of his books, ”God in me”, is a colorfully illustrated book that teaches children to believe in themselves and to keep a positive attitude and most importantly, trust the power of God.

He also wrote Self-Help Book ”Job Stress”. It’s an audiobook that helps those who are facing stress in their workplace and need encouragement and guidance.

Jameson showed his fashion design talent with the invention of the ‘Resistakicks’— the first-ever resistance band shoe. Patent Pending, the resistance band shoe will assist paraplegics and athletes. The shoe houses the bands so it eliminates having to carry the bands after a jog or hike. Paraplegics will be able to participate to build upper body strength.

Before the Resistakicks, Jameson had the ‘J. Captiah’, a unique limited edition shoe concept. The shoes, handcrafted in Italy, are custom made and shipped to potential buyers.

Jameson’s simplicity, multi-talented personality, and the inspirational content he provides, makes him a blessing to all who come in contact with him.  

For more info please visit https://www.jayewellness.com/ and https://www.jaymontybooks.com/