If you are looking for a Chemistry tutor in Singapore look no further than Uptas Learning. O Level Chemistry tuition in Singapore is in great demand due to the fact that students can make a promising career in the field. In order to facilitate their children, parents feel the need to choose the right O Level Chemistry tuition center.

One of the many students at Uptas Learning, TAN RONG HUI, TMJC, says, “Thank you for helping me get an A in chemistry which is nothing short of a miracle! All I needed is a little effort on my part and the A was mine”

To enroll your child in the best chemistry tuition center in Singapore chooses Uptas Learning. The team is focused on Chemistry Tuition for JC, IB, IP & O Level students. The tutors take genuine interest in their students and take every effort to streamline the most difficult concepts to easy and “digestible” level for all their students. The goal of team of Uptas Learning is to provide a one stop solution for students facing problems in chemistry. With their fast and shortened learning practice they support the students to immediately gain mastery of the core topics.

At Uptas Learning Dr. Aw, together with a like-minded teacher such as Ms. Jessyln Tham, offers chemistry tuitions with a sound knowledge of the subject are clear in explaining the concepts of the subject. They are highly experienced in teaching the O levels of chemistry. With proficiency in the subject they have skills of good communication skills and patience.

Dr. Aw Junxin has graduated with First Class Honors in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (NTU). He is Deans List awards and considered as top 1% tutor in Nanyang Technological University from 2014 to 2017. As the founder and managing director of Uptas Learning Hub he has over 15 years of professional teaching experience with a proven track record of Coached over 1000 students to date.

About Uptas Learning:

Uptas Learning is a Chemistry Tuition in Singapore. Each of their teachers is carefully picked for their deep specialization in various fields of knowledge and commitment to help their students excel. The streamlined and fast learning processes of this best Chemistry Tuition service have been proven with over a thousand students throughout the last ten years. They allow students to get mastery of every subject and experience the most dynamic transformations within a year. For more information visit here: https://uptas.sg/