Noted as one of the premier and dedicated Air Ambulance service providers specializing and pioneering in Bed-To-Bed Air Patient Transfer in more than 32 Cities in India. The company has decided not to stop even during the Pandemic situation like COVID-19 and trying to do its bit to help people who are in serious conditions and need Air Ambulance. The entire team of Flaps Aviation is working tireless to transfer patients to their desired hospitals in their “Golden Hours” which is so vital to save a life. We are also creating awareness on Air Ambulance services in Google and all Social Media platforms so that more and more people know about our services and therefore more and more patients can be transferred during this crisis. We have also kept a toll-free number (1800 270 2712) so that people can call us 24/7 and we will do all necessary arrangements from arranging a road ambulance in the current location to bringing the patient to the nearest airport and on landing again transferring the patient to the desired hospital by a road ambulance. We have also kept an option to update patient’s family members who could not join the patient and stayed back home about the wellbeing and safe landing of the patient and attendants. And to make it UX, we form a whatsapp group where the patient and his/her family members can share all required details and documents to take the journey forward. We have also kept online / offline payment options so that during emergency he / she can easily do the needful.
Speaking on the occasion, Capt. Amit Kumar, CEO, Flaps Aviation opined, “Entire India is going through a very difficult time due to COVID-19 phase. Being a dedicated Air Ambulance service provider, all our three King Air C90 aircraft are engaged 365/24/7 in transferring all medical emergency patients across Indian cities and locations. Today, my entire team is sitting in different parts of India and yet we are able to manage the show efficiently and uninterrupted. In simple words, being into medical emergency services, we can never stop.
Besides this, we are also trying to make Air Ambulance affordable in India. We have designed a unique Membership program where we offer a complete medical ecosystem to our members. We have tied up with Super Specialty Hospitals, Pharmacy Outlets, Diagnostic Centres and plethora of online products for various benefits ‘or’ discounts at PAN India level, so that, people can utilize these benefits ‘or’ discounts within one year of membership and stay “stress free”. In one of our schemes, we also offer approximately 50% discount in patient transfer tariff which is huge. As huge as the person can do his /her treatment with such savings itself in a good medical facility. Our vision is to position one aircraft in hour distance in the future which will be directly beneficial to the patient as aircraft activation time will be drastically reduced, Today, we all are flying from Delhi as our only base.