The Government has approved the proposal for grant of life insurance cover to 1,08,714 workers and officers of the Food Corporation of India (FCI) including 80,000 labour who are working 24×7 to supply food grains across the country amidst the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic.

Presently, families of FCI employees are entitled to compensation in the event of death due to terrorist attack, bomb blast, mob attack or natural disaster, but the Regular and Contractual Labour of FCI are not covered under its provisions. Keeping this in view, the Government has decided to provide life insurance cover to all employees and labour of FCI who are working tirelessly despite the threat of infection due to Coronavirus COVID-19.

Under its provisions, during the six month period from March 24, 2020 to 23 September, 2020 if anybody dies due to COVID-19 infection while on duty with FCI, the Regular FCI Labour will get a life cover of Rupees 15 lakh, Contractual Labour will be entitled to Rs.10 lakh insurance, Category-1 Officers Rs.35 lakh, Category-2 – Rs.30 lakh and Category -3 < -4 workers – Rs.25 lakh.