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Today, the demand for high voltage power supply is rising day by day. The top reason behind this is that it offers great advantages over analog systems. Regarding power supplies, they can run constant voltage which is needed by a range of electronic products available in the marketplace. Such supplies can be divided into two categories such as linear power supplies and switching. In the present time, there is no shortage of companies that offer such products. But if you want to approach a premier company, then you may contact HVM Technology. Being the leading manufacturer, we offer miniature high voltage products which are used in the most advanced equipment of today.

We have a team of professionals who have expertise in high voltage miniaturization that will let you design the upcoming technology. Providing robust solutions to all customers is our high priority. We have been operating since the year 2004 in this industry. We are specialized to produce multi-output high voltage dc to dc converters which are used in night vision image intensifiers. If you need an adjustable high voltage power supply, then you can share your requirements with us. We will help you design a unit that fits your requirements perfectly. Being an industry leader, we have established a great reputation in the high voltage microelectronics field. We offer top-quality HV components and DC-DC converters to all our customers. You can also approach our team to create complex multiple output modulated designs and to customize a high voltage power supply circuit.

The main objective of our company is to manufacture the best premier high voltage products. With our innovative solutions, you can take modern technologies to the next level. Our global distributors are Luso Electronics, Digi-key electronics, Kumnong Engineering Inc. and Enertec International. When it comes to our manufacturing capabilities, we have dedicated RoHS assembly lines, ISO 9001:2008 compliant facility, vacuum potting processes, fine-wire magnetics, etc. Our prices are also relatively lower than other top manufacturers. Our company has introduced a quality program that will let you get continuous improvement in all aspects of your business operation. To get detailed information about our products, simply visit our website at

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