Wood for floors is a hard and resistant substance, therefore Woven Parkett is a good option when decorating or building a home.

Industrieparkett gives warmth and elegance to a home, in addition to sheltering from the cold and maintaining a temperate climate inside the rooms.

Wood floors have long been used to decorate a home. Its composition, model, texture, and colors allow satisfying different needs and pockets.

Thanks to the new treatments that have been given to wooden floors, they can also be installed in bathrooms, or outdoors without being damaged by moisture.

Currently, landhausdielen is taking more importance than the floor because of its easy installation and the “little” maintenance they require. Also, the wooden floor can be installed on the original floor.

Different types of wood flooring can be used indoors or outdoors and can be divided into laminate flooring, engineered flooring, bamboo flooring, wood decks, vinyl flooring, and solid wood flooring.

Below we will explain the characteristics of each of the wooden floors so that you know about its composition, resistance, and use.

Laminate flooring:

Laminate floors are a model of flooring that is usually used for covering in commerce where there is little influx of people and for the interior of a residence. This floor can resist wear, stains, and discoloration.

Engineering floors:

Engineered floors are made of multiple layers of wood, unlike laminate floors that are made from more synthetic materials. The great variety of designs and thicknesses that engineering floors have allows them to be used differently.

Bamboo flooring:

Bamboo floors usually have the same resistance as wooden floors, this is because bamboo is a plant with very thick and gnarled stems that adapts to drastic changes in the tropical climate (high humidity and high temperatures).

Bamboo, in addition to being resistant, has become a more sustainable alternative to wood due to the short time it takes to regrow. This plant, thanks to its natural fibers allows making strong, resistant and flexible bamboo floors

Another advantage of the bamboo floor is that in its creation it does not require resins or acids. The trunk is cut, smoothed, heated and dried for its manufacture. Bamboo floors usually have a pleasant appearance in their natural and charred version. They are an excellent option for any type of decoration.

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