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Morocco is one holiday destination that can suit to the interests of everyone in a holiday group. This is because Morocco has a diversified terrain and has lot of scope for a wonderful holiday destination. With its rich history and unique cultural influences of the Arabic, Berbers, Africans, Jews, Europeans and others you can find a lot of diversity in the nation. You can find huge costal lines, mountains, desert, flower and fauna and also many rich historic locations that would surely mesmerize anyone landing in the country for the first time. Above all you can find Sun Trails the local tour operator who can make your holiday in Morocco just the most memorable in your life. The Sun Trails comes up with the best itinerary for Morocco private travel that suits to the interests of their clients. You can discuss your holiday interests in Morocco and Sun Trails comes up with the luxury Morocco travel packages that suits to your interests for you to have a wonderful holiday in this place. You can find day tours from Marrakech and also customised theme holiday packages for you to make a choice.

While in Morocco the tour operator shall plan your holiday in such a manner that you really feel the essence of the nation. Not just visiting tourist attractions but they make you a part of the place by making it possible for you to interact with the locals, dine with the nomads in the Berber Igoudars and also learn a few cuisines, shop in the local markets and also know about the crafts so that you can get an insight into Morocco. The tour is also planned such that there is a balance struck between activity and rest, order and spontaneity and also grandeur and simplicity so that you enjoy the best without boredom or getting exhausted in the tour. You can also choose a helicopter tour to the snowy peak Atlas Mountains and a dirt bike ride on the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. You can also join the famous desert camp while in Morocco which is surely a life time experience for many with the opportunity to stay in a desert enjoy utmost privacy from the rest of the world.

You can also enjoy beach holidays and luxury resort stay during your visit to Morocco. The tour operator shall ensure your safety and make the necessary arrangements for your travel and accommodation for a wonderful holiday in Moroco.

Luxury Morocco Tours And Travels. is the best tour operator in Morocco, offer tailor made private tours at affordable prices. Our itinerary includes camel ride, crossing the Atlas Mountains, trekking in Dades Gorges and much more.For more information about CUSTOM MOROCCO TOURS. Visit us at

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