The winning European Beech hedge was chosen based on its uniqueness, technological innovation and ability to solve gardening problems like lack of privacy and screening. The award was sponsored by many Non profit organisations.

So What’s European Beech Hedge?

European Beech Hedge by Instanthedge is an appealing deciduous hedge. It is scientifically known as Fagus Sylvatica which can be shaped into a stunning hedge. An interesting thing about Beech hedge is that it changes color with the passing seasons.

Here is how it changes-

1. Leaves are fresh in spring season
2. Deep green in the summer season
3. Leaves turn into a stunning bronze color that makes it an attractive hedge.

Features of European Beech Hedge-

1. A low branched beech shrub with lovely bark that is smooth and silver gray.
2. Makes an attractive hedge with heavy pruning
3. Thrives best in full sun to partial shade
4. Can reach upto 12’heightt and 4’ width
5. Tolerates a wide range of soil
6. Buds are smooth and long pointed

About InstantHedge

InstantHedge is a wholesale hedge nursery based in Canby Oregon. InstantHedge was founded in 2012 by Brent Markus to fill the huge market void for high-quality finished hedging plants. Using patented precision agriculture techniques, InstantHedge is cultivating over 50 miles of finished hedges at its farm in Canby, Oregon. InstantHedge offers dozens of hedge varieties in 3 convenient height grades (18”, 3-4’, and 5-6’) with several different packaging options. InstantHedge ships year-round to all 48 contiguous states and parts of Canada.