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(April 11, 2020) – Music platforms providing royalty free music are very crucial for content creators. Artlist is one such premium music platform that helps creators with licensing for music and videos easily and at affordable rates. They have 3 kinds of subscriptions that creators can opt for. The one priced at $12.41 per month gives access to SFX license, unlimited SFX, new SFX every week, lifetime use, unlimited downloads, and a lot more.

The next one is priced at $16.60 per month and gives access to music license, unlimited music, new music every week, lifetime use with unlimited downloads, etc. This one is their most popular subscription. The third variant is their ultimate combo of both music and SFX and is priced at $25 per month giving access to music and SFX license, unlimited music and SFX, new music every week, unlimited downloads for lifetime use. All these are pre-checked for YouTube.

The best part of their subscriptions is that they offer 14-day money back guarantee on all their plans. They also have a free sign up option for those who are unsure of what plan they want.

About Artlist:

Artlist was born with the idea that every filmmaker should have access to incredible music. They search the globe for the best musicians, then curate their music into a powerful platform where filmmakers can always find something inspiring, evocative, or moving to underscore their work. Unlike many platforms that sell creators jingles in the name of music or SFX, Artlist understands the importance of filmmaking and makes sure creators get the right track for their final video production.

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