Temtem’s First Content Update Introduces Its Answer On Pokémon’s Safari Zone: The Saipark

It has been almost a month since Temtem’s Early Accessibility launch and, even though players have finished everything that’s available developer Crema has just added new content to keep Temtem Pansun gamers interested. An all-new place that was end-game, the Saipark, has been added to the game.

The Saipark is Temtem’s first natural reserve and is home to a grouping of Temtem plus some loot. This might sounds like the Safari Zone, if you’re a lover of Pokémon. The Saipark doesn’t have a time limitation and every week, two distinct types of Temtem will look frequently — and some may have special features. The week will feature two rarer Temtem: Oceara and Barnshe, and you are more inclined to locate a Luma version of every Temtem. In the future, other Temtem that appear from the Saipark might have fostered SVs or egg moves.

The Saipark are available on the southern side of the first island, Deniz. You’ll need it to be accessed by the Rock-Hopping Hook. Upon arriving, players need to pay an entrance fee, which will change each week, also will be given five SaiCards. Extra SaiCards could be purchased, but at a greater price. SaiCards can be used to catch Temtem inside Saipark and have double the capture rate of TemCards. But, there is absolutely no point in stocking up on SaiCards because they’ll be removed from your inventory at the end of every week.

Aside from Saipark, Crema has added a lazy cartoon for participant avatars along with a Player’s Vault, which is a new storage option that can be accessed at any Temporium. Things in the vault will stay there if players choose to reset their account. The update also introduces a slew of improvements and repairs. A number of the repairs to buy Temtem Pansun are located around eliminating bugs and improving cooperative drama.