SKVTechnik ( has been supplying new IE 3 motor models to the entire EU and Germany since April 1st 2020.
All model generations of the old IE 2 motors range of side channel blowers are replaced by the new IE 3 motors. This regulation primarily benefits users who manufacture systems with a particular focus on energy savings.

The new line of side channel blowers with IE 3 motors are now being delivered to all countries of the European Union and Germany. Despite the significant quality improvement through the use of IE 3 motors for side channel blowers, there are generally no price increases to be borne by customers. The delivery times of side channel blowers with IE 3 motors are similar to those of the side channel blowers with IE 2 motors. As usual, the employees of SKVTechnik ( do reliable and punctual work. Unfortunately, in connection with deliveries to the European Union, due to the Corona crisis, there may be partial delays in delivery. This problem will have less and less of an impact as the number of infections flattens as a result of the corona crisis.

A few words about the new IE 3 motor generations of side channel blowers and the environment. The decision of the EU countries, especially the federal government, to use modern IE 3 motors in industry was no accident in 2011.
Around 39% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Germany are due to industry. The Federal Environment Agency estimated in 2017 that electricity consumption in Germany could be reduced by around 27 billion kilowatt hours by 2021 by using modern IE 3 class electric motors.
These figures alone show that the use of electric motors of the IE 3 class when installing side channel blowers must be observed.

Today’s purchase recommendation from SKVTechnik points to a side channel blower from Elektro Airsystems GmbH from Germany. It is the 1SD 710 model with a 2.2 kW IE 3 motor. The side channel blower comes with a power of 2.2 kW with a maximum overpressure of 190 millibars and a maximum underpressure of 200 millibars at 50 Hertz. It achieves a maximum of 318 cubic meters per hour with a back pressure of 0 mbar. Customers can get this side channel blower in the SKVTechnik ( shop at at an extremely affordable price. Customers can also purchase this model on Ebay Germany or on the Ebay pages of the EU countries.

SKV customers are welcome to contact customer service if they have any questions. Customers can reach SKVTechnik ( from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Customers are also happy to arrange service consultation appointments on site. At the time of the corona pandemic, video conferencing and appropriate conference circuits are recommended so that the risk of infection during the corona crisis can be reduced.

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