Introducing yet another innovative and technologically advanced product from Gian Phoi Viet, an evolving brand for home essentials from house. This newly introduced Automatic Clothes Drying Rack dry clothes quickly and conveniently. It helps to keep clothes free from harmful germs and bacteria due to moisture. Gian Phoi Viet’s Automatic Cloth Drying rack is the best pick for winter and rainy seasons.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam., April 8, 2020 – Gian Phoi Viet, the evolving brand for home essentials from house of Ozone, introduces Automatic Cloth Drying Racks for hassle free & quick drying of clothes. What a relief it would be to have all apparels kept dry with minimal efforts and irrespective of whatever the weather outside! Now dry clothes a conveniently without waiting for right time or weather.

Automatic Cloth drying rack can easily be installed on the ceiling or can also be used in cloakroom or laundry rooms without occupying much space. It comes with UV disinfectant function which does not allow harmful germs and bacteria to grow in clothes due to moisture during rainy and winter reasons. Handling heavy clothes becomes easy with this Automatic cloth drying rack. The anti-odour function keeps foul smell of wet clothes at bay.

Gian Phoi Viet’s Automatic cloth drying rack is easy to operate with remote control and absolutely safe even with 1800V high voltage test. It is an energy efficient design as it consumes very less power. It has four remote controlled aluminium poles which can be auto-lifted or brought down for use when required. The X-shaped stainless steel structure can hold up to 85 kg of weight (Safety loading for the product is 35 kg). The superior quality construction promises better strength and durability. Gian Phoi Viet’s Automatic Cloth Drying rack is the best pick for winter and rainy seasons. Gian Phoi Viet offers Clothes Drying Racks, Electric Ceiling Dryer, Clothes Hanger, Safety Net and much more to make the life easy, convenient, safe and comfortable.

In addition, for families with narrow living space, the Smart Exposure products will help to take advantage of the space at the balcony or stairs to make a drying line for the whole family.
Not only great in style and benefits, the smart drying products from Gian Phoi Viet brand also make secure and happy about the quality as well as the diversity in models. The materials used for the product are made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, the smart drying product is guaranteed for durability. In particular, with a payload from 50 to 80kg, It will be comfortable drying clothes without fear of overloading rigs that lead to fractures.

With a series of great advantages on, how to own yourself a smart drying platform is a question that many people desire to find. Don’t worry, Gian Phoi Viet is now able to ship goods across the country.

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