Suffering from a sinus pressure can be a very difficult thing. It’s like if your sinuses aren’t helping you out you tend to get disturbed from everything else. Sinus pain might start as a tiny pain in your sinuses but it soon progresses into a headache, body pain, and lack of concentration. Some people suffer so sudden from sinusitis that they prefer to getting it removed or getting it treated.
This is when balloon sinuplasty comes into being. It is an endoscopic nasal surgery using small balloon catheters to drain the large nasal sinuses. This therapy is usually used to treat cases with severe nasal inflammation and blockage in the nose.

What is balloon sinuplasty?
It is a minimally invasive procedure that does not involves cutting or loss of the nasal tissue or bone. The recovery time is also very short. That is why, this surgery is becoming highly popular. It is the only choice for chronic or severe sinus pain which fail to respond to medical therapies like the like nasal decongestant medications and rinses, antibiotics, and nasal or oral corticosteroids.

How does it work?
The process involves a sinus balloon that dilates the openings of some or all the major sinuses. This way, they can be cleared and drained as well. Most people who have inflamed sinuses suffer from breathing problems and, therefore, it leads to symptoms like headache, jaw ache and insomnia.

Does it actually work?
Well, people who underwent the surgery reported improved symptoms for 3-6 months without any sort of side effects or complications. They also reported clear nasal passages after the surgery. So, it can be said that this therapy actually works for people who have a problem with their nasal sinuses.

Is it safe?
Most of the people ask this whether it is a safe, effective, procedure when performed by the doctor. Since its introduction in the mod-2000s, this surgery has become one of the most performed types of sinus surgeries. Such a popularity is mainly earned due to its high rates of success and low risk of complications as well.

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