During this lockdown period, Vogue Institute of Art and Design explored the option of assigning up-cycling projects for the students while they are at home. With an aim to direct the bright minds of today to think about sustainable practices for a better future, Vogue Institute of Art and Design initiated a project for the students to make a creative collection from apparel waste. The students created a wide array of apparels and home décor items like laptop covers, fabric wall decor, a formal dress by joining the top section of a men’s shirt with a stole, a buttoned skirt using the bottom section of a men’s shirt, and bell bottoms from pencil denim pants. Using waste material at home, the students created artistic mirror frames, lampshades with jute rope, weaved lampshades, artsy storage boxes, appealing pillow covers, wall hangings and more.
The apparel waste was collected from industrial enterprise Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd. and was given to the students prior to the lockdown. The faculty members connected with the students on virtual platforms to discuss design strategy ideas, challenges and solutions to undertake the up-cycling project. The students were given the option to utilize their own waste products at home as well.
Vogue Institute of Art and Design introduced this initiative as a platform for the students to think and create innovative sustainable plans. Vogue Institute of Art and Design plans to emphasize on the importance of sustainability by introducing classes on design principles and strategies that can build a circular economy. The apparel industry generates a lot of waste and this initiative can highlight the need for up-cycling measures.
According to World Resources Institute, 1 garbage truck of clothes are burned or landfilled every second. It is enough to fill 1.5 empire state buildings every day. It takes 80 years for clothes to break down in the landfills. 3 out of 4 garments will end up in landfills or be incinerated. The industry manufactures apparel as per the demand; and if households make more conscious choices, it will have a relative impact on the supply. Hence, this initiative also attempts to build more conscious households that can adopt sustainable practices at home.
Now, even industries across the globe are exploring alternatives to standardize manufacturing processes and materials with more sustainable substitutes that are innovative and re-engineered to reduce energy consumption, pollution and waste generation.
Speaking about this initiative, Dr Vijaya Kumar, Principal, Vogue Institute of Art and Design said “Vogue Institute of Art and Design aims at building the right value system and foundation for the students to take meaningful steps that are ecological friendly. The up-cycling project is a step to give the students more exposure and boost their confidence to convert their ideas into tangible assets. We aim to ensure that the future leaders of the industry adopt environmental friendly practices.”