There was a time when we used to wake up hearing the chirping of the birds early morning. Sipping our morning tea and hearing those sweet sounds used to give us a boost to start another day of our life. But, it looks like the whole morning scenario has changed. Whether it is early morning or is the time of dust, we used to see throngs of birds flying in the sky. But now, instead of chirping and twittering sounds, we hear noises of vehicles, in place of birds we see layers of smoke and pollution covering the sky. The whole pictures que of the environment has been changed over the past few years. But did you ever give a thought about what could be the reason for their sudden disappearance from our surroundings? What happened to those small creatures of nature who never fails to refresh our minds with their sounds and energy? Keeping these thoughts in mind, North India’s leading renowned PR organization PR24x7 has started an initiative #IloveBirds with a mission to save and preserve these precious beings of nature.

This initiative has been taken as a step to conserve and save the birds that are on the verge of extinction. For past years there is a rapid depletion in the small birds’ species such a sparrow, pigeon, etc. It is seen especially in the summer season as with the increase in temperature most of the lakes and rivers dried up because of which they could not get enough water and food to survive in such intense temperature. Speaking about the campaign, Mr. AtulMalikram, Founder of PR24x7 says that, “Since the last few years we have seen how these birds are depleting day by day. They are mostly dying of thirst and starvation. The mission of this campaign is to aware people of this issue and urging them to help these birds survive. It is our duty as a human and a part of nature to help and save another natural being.” Under this initiative, PR24x7 is urging people across the country to help these birds live by feeding them water and food. They are also running a contest in which they inviting people to feed water and food the birds. Participants have to take their selfies of feeding the birds and send it on a WhatsApp to the number +91 9755020247 along with their names. The winner of the best selfie will be rewarded with gift hampers. The contest will be held till April 30.

It is high time we take necessary action to prevent these natural beings from complete disappearance. Undoubtedly it is because of the actions of mankind that the birds are dying day by day. They cannot speak, but as humans, we can feel their pain. So why not come forward and take a step on our level to provide an environment where they can exist freely.