We all love to enjoy swimming in the pool, especially in the summer, but nobody likes to carry out the pool maintenance. At torontopoolservices.ca, we will maintain your pool as we have years of experience in this field. We also deal with a pool fence.

Pool Maintenance is not only an aesthetic issue but also one of health since if we do not keep our pool clean, it can become a focus of infections.

To avoid this, throughout the year we must carry out some actions that help us keep it clean throughout the year. In this, we explain some tips for pool maintenance.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, it should be noted that to carry out the maintenance of a pool and its water we can choose to hire the services of a maintenance and cleaning company or choose to do it ourselves, with the appropriate products and tools.

2. Also, you should know that the maintenance of the pool must be carried out throughout the year, regardless of whether the pool is being used or not. Even in winter, there are some considerations that you can see in our article on how to maintain the pool in winter.

3. One of the most used treatments to keep the pool in perfect condition is from chemical products, which will disinfect and keep the water in optimal cleaning conditions.

4. In this way, you must ensure that the pH levels of the water (acidity or alkalinity value) are adequate, to avoid the growth of algae or damage to the facilities. To do this, you must use a pH controller and keep the level between 7 and 7.8.

5. Likewise, the chlorine will help you keep the pool with clean and transparent water, as well as free of microorganisms. Even though the amount of chlorine to be diluted is a function of many parameters (size, heat, rain, etc.), as a guideline, we could say that it will suffice to dilute 20 grams of chlorine for every 15 cubic meters of water, every 5 or 6 days.

6. Algaecides can help you prevent the appearance of these aquatic plants that are so unpleasant in swimming pools. You should also control the calcium hardness, to avoid that the water becomes corrosive if it is very low in calcium or that flakes form if you have too much calcium.

If you want to do it with ease, contact us and we provide the best pool services! We also deal in pool liner replacement.