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Some projects require cutting and engraving using branding iron on specific materials. Whether to write something, transfer a drawing, make signposts or other clothing. For some materials like metals, this engraving needs to be done using methods like laser engraving on metal.

Metal laser engraving:

Metals such as stainless steel, steel alloys, aluminum, titanium, copper, coated metals and precious metals such as gold and silver are extremely susceptible to laser engraving on metal. In addition to these, titanium alloys, brass and hard metals such as iron, can also receive this type of engraving.

For the process to be carried out successfully, it is important that the design or marking to be done has its sizes defined and that the material where the laser engraving on metal will be made is chosen. Once all the choices are resolved, the metal is cleaned and prepared to receive the engraving.

Metal laser engraving using reusable stencils is used to mark tracking codes, markings on industrial products, quality codes, personalization of gifts, labels, product information (batch, date of manufacture and expiration, serial numbering and measurements), among others possibilities.

Laser engraving in jewelry:

Jewelry such as rings and wedding rings can also receive this type of laser engraving on metal. This ensures that what will be written remains on the piece, even if it is washed and used for a long time. These metal laser engraving markings are durable as they resist corrosion. They are also highly secure and do not damage the part at any level. Both the surface and the interior are protected.

The improvement in technologies has made laser engraving on metal a highly accurate, agile procedure, with perfect quality and results in any piece. The procedure can be repeated several times and produce more than one piece of the same type, standardizing entire batches.

Can be used on various materials:

Branding iron can be used on different types of materials such as nameplates, coats of arms, logos and other types of clothing that can be manufactured in several different ways. Painting, embroidery, ink printing and laser engraving are some of these ways. Each of them has its advantages, depending on the application.

Laser plate engraving is easy and has an affordable cost due to the final quality of the procedure. In addition, it guarantees greater durability than will be applied to the board. Some of the types of plates that can receive this engraving are the plates manufactured in laminates, plastic, glass, wood, aluminum, and stainless steel.