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WP Engine just proudly announced the launch of the open beta of the WP Engine DevKit. It will solve some of the biggest issues developers face when creating WordPress websites. Namely, too many disjointed tools that don’t work well together requiring too much time doing repetitive manual tasks and debugging.

DevKit integrates a number of best-in-class developer tools to help solve these common issues encountered by WordPress developers. Whether your audience is just getting started or are veteran WordPress developers, their graphic user interface (GUI) and command line interface (CLI) gives everyone a great environment for maximizing their productivity.

The WP Engine DevKit is free to download and is available for Mac and Linux in a command line interface.

1. Check out what DevKit includes:
2. Container-based local development environment
3. SSH Gateway access
4. Seamless push & pull deployments
5. Genesis-specific functionality
6. Additional tools for building and debugging great WordPress projects faster
7. Works with any WordPress environment

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