Thrill, adventure, and excitement await when you book a tour of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. The tour operator has an online reservation system which makes booking the trip easy and hassle-free. This is a fully licensed tour, started in 2005. The tour begins outside your hotel where a group of two to six gusts will board a Hummer H2 vehicle to arrive to the Grand Canyon in true, hearty western style. If that’s the type of Grand Canyon Tour that would interest, familiarize yourself with the services of Big Horn Wild West Tours.
Here is a run-down on the trips offered by the professionals at Big Horn Wild West Tours.
1. Death Valley National Park Tour – Travel from Las Vegas to 190 feet below sea level and visit Furnace Creek Visitor Center, Death Valley Museum, Harmony Borax Mine Zabriskie’s Point. There is a light off-road experience through 20 Mule Team Canyon, ascenic drive through Artist’s Pallet, a stop at Bad Water, 280 feet below sea level, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. There is even a lunch buffet at Furnace Creek.
2. The Hoover Dam Tour – This is the best dam tour in Las Vegas, which is approximately four hours hotel to hotel. It will take someone to the historic Boulder City, Nevada, past the shores of Lake Mead and onto Hoover Dam.
3. Grand Canyon West Hummer Tour – The journey is past scenic Lake Mead and across Hoover Dam into Arizona. A brief stop is at historic Rosie’s Den Café. It’s a smooth off-roadtrip into the Joshua Tree Forest and up to Grand Canyon West, Land of the Hualapai Nation. Then there is a short ride to Eagle Point.
4. Grand Canyon Diamond Creek Tour –It’s a drive to the shores of the Colorado River. Then going to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, which is a sandy and rocky environment with flowing environment.
5. Grand Canyon West Rim Adventure Tour –This trip covers amazing views at Eagle and Guano Point. Then, rock climbing to get a 360-degree view of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. This is the home of the Hualapai tribe. One can upgrade to Grand Canyon Skywalk.

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