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Innomolding has released guidelines for the advantages of Plastic Injection Moulding compared to other manufacturing processes such as CNC and die casting.

Plastic injection molding produces a variety of items that people use every day, such as toys, household, consumer goods, machinery & automotive components, health industry, and many more. The plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process to produce plastic parts/products by injecting molten materials, known as thermoplastics into particular mold tools. Plastic injection molding could produce plastic parts in large volumes, thousands, or even millions. It runs repeatedly and quickly for a cycle. Compared to the CNC process, plastic injection molding has more advantages in cost efficiency and speed process. According to Innomolding, Plastic injection molding has at least six advantages in manufacturing plastic products or components. 

Innomolding, is a plastic product manufacturer. The company specialized in producing plastic products using a plastic injection molding process. As an experienced manufacturer, the company has compiled the advantages of plastic injection molding to produce durable, high accuracy, and high-quality plastic products. 

  • A very effective and efficient process for large volume production

A plastic injection molding is known for its effectiveness and efficiency for mass production. It works in a repeated cycle and only takes 15 to 60 seconds to finish a single plastic injection molding cycle.

  • Low-Cost Production

Plastic injection molding gives cheaper cost compared to CNC and die casting process. The Plastic injection molding uses lower material cost and high-efficiency manufacturing process, especially for mass production.

  • Dimensional Accuracy

Plastic injection molding produces high accuracy dimensions, with 0.01~0.02mm tolerance. These accurate parts are being used for aviation and military industries.

  • Allowing Complex Product Structure

Products with a complex structure such as a screw, hole, pillar, clipper, window, web, grid, rib, slot, are possible to mold with the plastic injection molding process. So that the designer can create unlimited design ideas to make new forms.

  • Customized Color and Surface

Plastic injection molding delivers customizable color and surface as the client’s requirements. Whatever colors to achieve, it can be obtained by mixing the raw materials and mold them into different surfaces according to the client’s needs.

  • Flexible to Change the Design and Engineering Modification

Plastic injection molding offers flexibility to change the design during the manufacturing process. Plastic injection molding allows design changing if there is imperfect product design by modifying the mold tool.

About Innomolding

Innomolding is a Plastic injection molding manufacturer. The company produces high quality customized plastic products with high accuracy. Please visit the official company website to learn more about the advantages of Plastic Injection Molding.