An authentic Grand Canyon West Rim adventure awaits, with a journey past Lake Mead, through a Joshua tree forest and into Eagle Point, which is the home to the Hualapai Village and Tribe. Panoramic views, a natural bat cave and a stop to the Hoover Dam make this an unforgettable experience.
This is the best in Las Vegas tours. Let’s explore the different spots in detail. Lake Mead is the largest man-made reservoir in the U.S.The Guano Point has 360-degree views. There is a Visitor’s Center inside the Hoover Dam, which includes panoramic views from the Michael O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Bridge and a walk along the dam itself. It provides a close look at the National Civil Engineering Landmark.
The Grand Canyon West drive can be travelled by road, air or river.One can take a cruise to the West Rim before taking a helicopter to the canyon floor and a boat trip to the Colorado River. The helicopter descends by 4,000 feet. One can see incredible canyon views. Trekkers can also travel to the canyon.
The canyon can be toured in a new ECO Star helicopter. There is a possibility of Skywalk for an extra fee. The Hualapai dwellings can be visited where dance and storytelling sessions can be seen. The traditional Native American dwellings can be seen at the Eagle Point.
A quick trip can be taken through the Mojave Desert to meet desert tortoises and shop for gifts.Then the ancient tribal artwork can be visited at Wilson Cliff where you will see lush plants and wildlife.One might even photograph the amazing colors at Calico Hills.
There is a stop near historic Boulder City. The Boulder Dam Museum is inside the Boulder Dam Hotel. One can float on the Colorado River and see the dam from below (and the Pat Tillman Bridge above). A thrilling ride can be taken along the rugged Rocky Gap Road. Get in contact to learn more.
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