A crewed ship is one that has a permanent crew, either only a captain, captain plus cook/stewardess, or additional crew. Generally, when the Greece yacht charter is longer or more luxurious, it has a greater number of crew, which allows it to provide a more exclusive service to customers.

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The process to rent a Luxury yacht charter:

Here in the following, we show you a whole process to rent a Luxury yacht charter.

– Once you have decided on the boat that you would like to rent, we put the boat in your name option, which will allow us to block the boat from other potential stakeholders while we take the necessary steps.

– We send you the contract with the payment schedule and the payment instructions. Payments are generally made in two different installments. To make the reservation effective, a deposit of 50% of the rental price is required along with the duly signed contract, which would be the first payment term and the second payment term is made between 45 and 30 days before boarding.

– Once the contract has been signed and the first payment or deposit has been received, we confirm the reservation and send you a preference sheet that is a questionnaire about your preferences and those of your group of foods, drinks, allergies, activities that they would like to do during their charter week, group ages, etc.

– The more information provided, the more knowledge the crew of the group will have and the better it will meet their expectations.

– This preference sheet is sent to the crew to prepare everything. At all4yachting.com, we usually ask customers to have this form completed at least half a month before the start of the charter, so the crew can prepare everything well since sometimes in the islands the provisioning is more difficult, but if the ordering early there are usually no problems.

– When the boarding date is approaching, the captain makes the first contact with the clients where he presents himself, they discuss the itinerary, the activities they want to do, the menus and the meeting point a little.

– When you have embarked we will contact you to see if everything has gone smoothly onboarding and also during and after your vacation to make sure that everything went as expected and that you give us your opinion about the boat, the crew, and place you have visited.

– Do not worry, we will be guiding you throughout the process. We also deal in Boats for sale.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.