A family owned and operated company in Elgin, Illinois, known for its superior quality repair service, auto parts, towing, installation, and auto recycling services in Global Auto Recycling & Repair, Inc. The company was established in 1961 and has since served Chicagoland with pride. The team of well-trained and certified technicians offer the best in professional customer service. The company serves Chicago and Rockford. Visit globalautorecyclers.com to learn more about the company and its services.

The company website should help you learn more about the company and its services related to auto recycling, repair, installation, towing, freight, and shipping of auto parts. The company is famously known for its auto recycling services, helping to recycle cars in a safe and eco-friendly way. The company has been ranked one of the best car recyclers, one that pays top dollar for wrecked and junked cars.

If you are someone searching the web for the keywords “junk my car” in Chicago, Illinois, then this company is the one for you. It offers car recycling services and has an expansive inventory of used parts – over one million parts (for foreign and domestic cars)! The company receives new parts every day.

To help protect the environment, the company follows eco-friendly protocol, focusing on recycling as much as possible. To learn more about us, or to get in contact, visit our website today.

Contact us:

Global Auto Recycling & Repair, Inc.
31 West 450 Spaulding Elgin, IL 60120
Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 7am – 3pm
Sunday: CLOSED
Phone: 847.608.4700
Fax: 847.608.9777
Website: http://www.globalautorecyclers.com/