Alpharetta, Georgia (USA), 31-March-2020 – MSys Technologies, a premier Storage, Networking, Virtualization, and Cloud (SNVC) engineering services provider and consulting partner tweaked its logo to promote social distancing. This comes in the wake of the outbreak of the novel COVID-19.The company asserted a smooth functioning engine and assured business continuity despite the societal limitation in the heat of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Temporary modification to Official Logo
To demonstrate the necessity of social distancing and lockdown, MSys Technologies has temporarily modified its official logo to express their support. The modified logo reinstates the mantra of “Stay Home, Stay Safe” – the only way that the world can get through this difficult time.

Maintaining Physical Space to Combat Coronavirus
Social distancing is a practice prescribed by global healthcare professionals amidst the outbreak of novel coronavirus. This practice stresses maintaining a larger physical space, a minimum of 2 meters between individuals. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, staying at least six feet away from people can lessen the chances of catching the coronavirus.

Focus on Employee Safety
The ongoing pandemic has wreaked havoc across verticals, and the world is seeing a sharp dip in the markets and business in general. MSys Technologies has shown sincere support and adaptability amidst the chaos. It was one of the first companies to implement a 100% work from home policy from early March. The Human Resources team and IT support team have been on the company frontlines by ensuring safety protocols for employees across the globe. Regular communication between leadership and employees has been the key to making informed decisions during this time. At the time of this publication, there have been no reported cases of Covid-19 among the employees at MSys Technologies.
Confident of the company’s quick acceptance of the situation, CEO Sanjay Sehgal adds, “The alteration in the company logo signifies the grave nature of the situation and importance of social distancing. It is vital to stay at home and defeat coronavirus. Working from home is not a Goliath challenge to us, as we have always been a company that embraces remote working. The leadership team is constantly assessing the local situation around all our offices and communicating with the teams to make calculated decisions that favor both- our clients and employees. We understand drastic measures like self-quarantine and national lockdown are the need of the hour, and it is our duty, and not an obligation, to abide by them.”
Business Continuity for Customer Support
The tremendous increase in remote working and demand in cloud applications has put an undeniable pressure on the IT community. The team at MSys Technologies is aware of the importance of customer support during this testing time and stands true to its ‘Customer Intimacy’ ideals. The team has implemented its Business Continuity Plan to ensure engineers are fully capable of delivering and meeting client expectations from the safety of their homes.
“We are conscious and working on how we can ensure employee support at all times,” states Sunny Raskar, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Unfortunately, this pandemic deeply affects many industries today and this definitely affects the entire economic chain. As a team, we are constantly collaborating with our customers to analyze the business impact and our continuity plans. We have adopted some Operational Resiliency procedures to reduce the impact on our customers during and after this pandemic.”

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