Parkett bambus is 2 times harder than oak, more ecological than the rest of the woods. It is green, renewable, sustainable with the environment. The raw material, Bamboo, grows very fast in the fifth year, it can be exploited, it is cut and it grows again.

It is a very hard, clear, light and beautiful looking wood, very resistant to high and low temperatures. It works very little against humidity, that is why they call it Bamboo, natural steel.

This type of flooring is setting a new trend, especially in hotels and real estate projects in Europe and the United States.

Since this product is more resistant than traditional woods, more ecological and cheaper.

The bamboo is a plant with hollow and gnarled stems, whose main characteristic is its speed with which it grows. Once cut, it reaches 30 meters in height in six months. Unlike massivholzplatten kaufen, which takes 15 to 20 years, bamboo can be cut and used after seven years. Also, it can be processed in a week after being cut; the cut trunk is smoothed, heated and dried after separation.


– It is convenient to leave the bamboo in the environment for 72 hours before its placement. The first step is to put a blanket that will serve as a base.

– The first line and the last row are walled with nails to the floor, and then the rest of the lines are fitted on all their faces. The plinths are placed at the end.

Extreme duration:

– Its base is a very strong wood that grows wild, regardless of the type of soil in which it is cultivated.

– Before being used as a floor, it goes through a manufacturing process that ensures that its structure is uniform. It is and as or stronger than the hardwoods used for fertigparkett.


– Bamboo is a very strong wood, naturally resistant because it grows wild.

– It is good for the humid areas of the house due to its resistance to humidity. Even if it gets wet, it is less prone to deformation than other types of wood.

– They have a great variety of designs: natural (lighter in color); vertical and horizontal (both differ in the alignment of the Bamba stripes); charred (they are the darkest because they are cooked and their sugar content darkens them); and tinted (based on inks that give it a variety of shades).

– They are easy to clean and maintain.

– It has chemical resistance to stains.

-It does not expand or contract under changes in temperature or humidity.

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